Starter Drum Sets

This is it! Your kid asked you to buy him drums, not violin, guitar or a flout, drums! After a brief discussion in which your kid has won the following questions which More »

The History and Advantages of Electronic Drums

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Electric Guitar Basics

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Electric Guitar: Buying Guide

We’re bringing you the most important things you need to consider before buying your first electric guitar: 1 .Type of music you want to play One of the important factors every guitarist More »


Electric Guitar: Buying Guide


We’re bringing you the most important things you need to consider before buying your first electric guitar:

1 .Type of music you want to play

One of the important factors every guitarist needed consider before starting a music is actually a type of music he is going to play, such as heavy metal, blues, classical music, unplugged, etc.
In order to choose the guitar you like, you must direct yourself on the music that touches you the most and what type of music you want to play. If you want to play Heavy metal then it is recommended to buy the electric guitar, if you want to play a classic or rock music, it is suggested that you buy an acoustic guitar. The difference between electric and acoustic guitar is not big, the main dissimilarity is that when you play on electrical guitar you play for yourself and when you play on acoustic guitar you play for everyone i.e. your friends and family.

2. The money
It might seem unusual, but for most beginners it is recommended that they borrow a guitar for a month or two from a friend who has it yet doesn’t play it. Since many people start playing and then due to a lack of time for training or loss of self-confidence decide to quit playing, the money you will spend on buying a new guitar is wasted. If you don’t give up on plying in this period then you are ready to buy a new guitar.

If you don’t give up on playing in this period then you are ready to buy a new guitar. Guitar lessons are a good way to keep you motivated and to help with self confidence while you’re learning.

It is suggested that you immediately buy the best guitar and don’t go with the story: “Ah, now I will buy a cheaper one and then I’ll buy a more expensive guitar”. Why do you want to buy 2 guitars? Exposing yourself to the double cost is not smart, especially if you do not have the financial possibilities.

Most of the educated people, music teachers and academics will recommend you that the first guitar you need to buy is a classical guitar. A classic guitar is not bad if you have decided to go to the music school where they mostly practice playing classic songs, which it will be hard for you to play on the electric guitar.

Many professors and competent people are supporters of the theory that everyone needs to buy a classical guitar first so that they can practice the basics, and then buy an acoustic guitar. When the person brings playing on an acoustic guitar to the perfection then it is recommended to buy an electric guitar.

3. Choosing the right electric guitar

Choosing a guitar should be up to you and only you. The stores have dozens and some even hundreds of guitars, of all types. You should sit down and try all the electric guitars that you like. When you put to the proof all the guitars, you will easily buy your future guitar for which you think that is coolest.
You can bring your friend or an experienced musicians with you, but also it can be the wrong decision because it might happen that they suggest you the guitar according to their taste not the one that will be appropriate for you.
This concludes the introduction to the small buying guitars for beginners guide, guitar tunings, with good wishes and lots of music.

Starter Drum Sets

Drum Sets 1

This is it! Your kid asked you to buy him drums, not violin, guitar or a flout, drums! After a brief discussion in which your kid has won the following questions which most parents will consider scary are: Why drums? Is my child is sufficiently talented and motivated? What kind of instrument should I buy and how much does it cost? Is it possible to practice playing drums quietly?

Of course, in real life, this picture does not look theatrically like on-screen. Even some American series, such as Malcolm in the middle, could surpass this scene.
We will try to ease the entry into the world of rock and roll to the parents and their children.
First we are going to solve the ideology. Let’s start:
Why drums?

Drums are an instrument that primarily interprets the basic elements of music – the rhythm. So, the drums cannot play chords (harmony), or melodies (themes of your favorite songs) – just rhythm.

Drummer in a band is like a goalkeeper in a soccer – he holds the team together, and his mistakes are remembered for years.

What is so interesting in drums then? Here’s what. When ace drummer feels that playing the good old DUM holds the entire band on a cloud, and the fact that with his drumming he gives the music that needed energy from which others draw inspiration, he will never change the instrument. Try to imagine the band without a drummer. Can you? The band without a drummer is like a pancake without the Syrup or salad without oil!

Playing rhythms is really a pleasure. But if you think that playing drums is only playing the rhythm we will have to disappoint you. There are very complicated elements.

Introduction to drums

Drums are one of the oldest instruments in human civilization. People are playing drums over 6000 years. Of course, these instruments have evolved so far, but their principle is still the same. Today, sets of drums are one of the most important and heaviest instruments in popular music.

Drums are an instrument that requires the work of all four pieces simultaneously, what makes offer the abilitylearning and playing drum sets seem very specific from the physical and mental aspects. The construction of drums itself is different. They can be made of different materials, such as wood, metal, plastics, fiberglass, etc. In the production of the drums are commonly used various types of wood. It is important to mention that each set has Cymbals, which also have a long tradition. Cymbals are being manufactured over 2000 years.

Drum sets

Drum set consist several elements:

1. Snare drum

Snare drum is a main drum in a set. This is a drum that is mostly played. Together with bass drum and cymbals provides many basic rhythms. It is mainly produced from wood and metal. It can be of various sizes (diameters) and depth (size 10 “, 12″, 13 “, 14″, 15 “, depth 3 ¼”, 4 “, 5 ½”, 6 ½ “7″, 8 “), the standard size is 14″ x 5 ½ “.

2. Bass drum

Bass drum is the biggest drum in a set. It gives low-frequency and solid rhythmic foundation to the rhythm. They are made of wood and being played with the leg. Its sizes are 16 “, 18″, 20 “, 22″, 24 “, 26″ in diameter and depths are 14 “, 16″, 17 “, 18″, the standard size is 20 “x 16″ and 22 “x 16″.

3. Tom Toms

The tom toms are used for enrichment rhythms. It is a very important instrument, especially during soloing on drums. Also serves to connect the musical phrase. They are manufactured from wood, and the sizes are as: 6 “, 8″, 10 “, 12″, 13 “, 14″, 15 “, 16″ and depths are different to the diameter. The standard size of the tom toms, which are commonly used, are 10 “x 8″, 10 “x 9″, 12 “x 8″, 12 “x 10″, 13 “x 10″, 13 “x 11″.

4. Flor tom

It is also a tom but bigger. The difference to ordinary kettle drums is that it stands on its own foot pads, i.e. it do not require the placing of various racks. Characteristics are the same as for the toms. Dimensions are: 14 “x 14″, 15 “x 15″, and 16 “x 16″, 18 “x 16″ and the standard sizes are 16 “x 16″ and 18 x 16.

Hopefully these tips introduced you to the drum sets. As Chad Smith, the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers said: Playing the guitar is great, but beating an instrument is something awesome!